Kitbrix Waterproof Kit Bag Limited Edition

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Up your game with the KitBrix Bag: the ultimate organisation tool. Our unique modular design is packed with convenient storage solutions and has been engineered to go the distance.

20 litres of storage space is split into compartments: small internal pockets are perfect for electronics and valuables, while the main storage space tucks away your larger bits of kit. External mesh pockets are on hand for quick access to nutrition or anything you’ll need on the go. If today’s outing is equipment-heavy and you need more space, no problem. Our innovative modular design allows you to connect another KitBrix—or as many as you need—together. 

Made from robust, waterproof TPU-laminated nylon with lockable zips, the KitBrix Bag is built to last the roughest treatment. Don’t be afraid to throw your filthy kit in the bag either: when it’s time to head home, the KitBrix will keep that dirt on the inside and away from your car interior or your freshly changed clothes! Plus, wipeable internal and external surfaces make cleaning for next time a breeze.

Key features:

Heavy-duty waterproof TPU construction
Hardwearing waterproof base
Ergonomic grab handle
Modular design for increased capacity
Segmented internal storage
Interchangeable icons for organisation
Protect your kit, and your car!

KitBrix Specifications:

Dimensions: 24cm ( H ) x 24cm (W) x 39cm (L)

Capacity: 20 litres

Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kg)